About Social Introverts
The term Social Introverts is intended to address the misperception of introverts as antisocial or depressive, and promote the truth that introverts are in fact social people who value human connections, only with less need to socialize than extroverts, and with different preferences for the circumstances of social interaction.  Too many of us have spent our lives thinking that we were psychologically damaged, that our aversion to large social gatherings was a disorder or a phobia.  I started Social Introverts when I learned that it’s fine to be who I am, that my introverted nature is completely normal, that it was was born in me, and that it was no mistake.  I set out then to try to help bring that same relief to others like me, who may also be spending their lives resenting their natures by mistake.  
Social Introverts as a mission of communication began as a local meetup group, before its reach was extended through social media.  The goal of SocialIntroverts.com is to create a community journal, a forum where some of the people I've reached and connected with can share their stories about what it's like to live as an introvert in a world that misunderstands us, and what really matters to them. If you would like to contribute content for the blog, please see the CONTACT page.

We talk about what makes introverts great, not to declare our superiority to extraverts, but to establish our equality with them, because you can't cancel a negative with a neutral.
Michael Schiller, founder of Social Introverts